How to register with SMGL CORPORATION ?
How long will it take for you to respond to my question ?
Why should I go for Ayurveda, instead of other system of medicine?
Are Ayurvedic medicines free of side effects?
What is "Ayurveda" ?
Is it advisable to take any other medicine while under Ayurvedic treatment?
Are Ayurvedic Medicines 'SAFE' ?
Which credit cards does ayurvedic-medicines.info Portal accept?
Can I phone or fax my order? Can I pay by cheque?
Is my credit card number / bank A/c. number secure?
How long does it take for my order to reach ?
How do you make a refund if/after an order is cancelled? How much time does this process takes?
Can I send the Order to a different Address other than the registration Address ?
Can I change the details or contents of my Order once it has been places online ?
How can I cancel my Order ?
What should I do if I get something else instead of my wished contents of the order ?
What should I do if my Order has been delivered early or late?
Which credit cards does SMGL CORPORATION accept ?
Do you offer free shipping for all products ?
Do you offer wholesale discounts for retail purposes ?
How can I inquire about the status of my order ?
What is the difference between Billing Address and Shipping Address ?
Where do you deliver within India ?
What is your return or refund policy ?
How and when will I get my refund ?
How do I check the current status of my order ?
Are there any hidden costs such as delivery charges, taxes etc.?
How do I correct the information that was incorrectly entered ?
What happens if I do not correct the information ?
Will the online payment system work for International Orders as well ?
What can I do if the order is shipped but the shipping address provided is incorrect ?
What happens if my order is lost in transit ?
What should I do if the Product I ordered has reached me in a damaged/defective condition ?