Ayurvedic Treatment for Leucorrhoea
Dhataki Oil
3 Bottles (180 Capsule)
20 $USD
4 Bottles (240 Capsule)
30 $USD
5 Bottles (300 Capsule)
45 $USD
DOSAGE:For Best Result massage the affected area with Oil 3 times a day or as directed by your Doctor

**as directed by your Physician
Synonyms of Leucorrhoea:
Leukorrhea is the medical term for a certain type of vaginal discharge that is common during pregnancy as well as at other times during your reproductive years. If you have leukorrhea, you may have a thick and sticky vaginal discharge that is white, yellow, or green. It can vary with a womans menstrual cycle as her hormone levels change.

Vaginal discharges are often a sign of vaginal yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, or sexually transmitted diseases. Leukorrhea may or may not indicate the presence of infection, and it is not usually accompanied by other signs and symptoms, such as itching, pain, burning or irritation, or redness, of the tissue. Only a qualified health professional can tell you whether you have an infection.
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