Weight Gain

 Ayurvedic treatment for Weight Gain
Arogya Vardhini Vati (Tablet)
2 Bottles (120 Tablet)
12 $USD
3 Bottles (180 Tablet)
14 $USD
4 Bottles (240 Tablet)
18 $USD
5 Bottles (300 Tablet)
25 $USD
DOSAGE:1 to 3 tablets to be taken in the morning and evening or as directed by the Physician.

**as directed by your Physician
Weight gain is an increase in body weight. This can be either an increase in muscle mass, fat deposits, or excess fluids such as water.Muscle gain or weight gain can occur as a result of exercise or bodybuilding, in which muscle size is increased through strength training.

If enough weight is gained by way of increased body fat deposits, one may become overweight or fat, generally defined as having more body fat.Weight gain can result from an increase in body fluid.Increase in body fluid can come from medications, fluid and salt retention, intravenous fluid infusion, kidney or heart failure.
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